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Lithograph Lionel Barnett

Lithograph Lionel Barnett

"High Noon".

Very beautiful lithograph in limited edition and signed by the artist (659 out of 950).


It is very rare to find an original copy.

Lionel Barnett was born in Cape Town, in the south of the African continent. As a child, he aspired to become a game warden. During his teenage years, Lionel developed a passion for art and trained under world renowned British artist GW Pilkington, learning to paint seascapes and landscapes. Due to Lionel Barnett's passion for wildlife and his deep concern for its preservation, it seemed natural that he turned to painting African animals.



The frame: 104 x 76 x 5 cm.

The work alone: 79 x 53.5 cm

Weight: 6.2 kg.

The framed lithograph is in very good overall condition.

  • Terms of sale

    These works are unique. But they may have suffered some weather-related damage. If this is the case, the defects will be indicated on the photos.  We wear the most  great care in packaging when sending. We do not accept any returns and refunds. We are not responsible for any damage that the carrier may cause to the work or the object during its transport. If you want to choose your transport company, let us know before. 

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