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Michael Turner

Michael Turner

Attach  advertising  original  motorsport

Michael Turner


Gold Leaf Team Lotus Ford Lotus WEC 47 Formula 1 car in white and red marked with the number 24, driven by British racing driver Keith Jack 'Jackie' Oliver (born 1942) taking a turn with yellow and blue cars following him , with a large crowd of spectators and photographer in the background.

Michael Turner (born 1934) is a British painter and illustrator specializing in painting automobile and aviation scenes.



Excellent condition, slight foxing in the margins

Country of issue: United Kingdom

Illustrator: Michael Turner

Size (cm): 23x31

Year of printing: 1968

  • Terms of sale

    These works are unique. But they may have suffered some weather-related damage. If this is the case, the defects will be indicated on the photos.  We wear the most  great care in packaging when sending. We do not accept any returns and refunds. We are not responsible for any damage that the carrier may inflict on the work or the object during its transport. If you want to choose your transport company, let us know before. 

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